Foreign policy crisis: relevant questions

  • Is FESCO included in sanctions lists?
    No. FESCO Transportation Group is not included in sanctions lists.
  • Do sanctions affect operating activities of FESCO?
    No restrictions are imposed on the operating activities of FESCO. All activities are taking place as per normal, all departments work as usual.
  • Are there any expected restrictions related to operation of intermodal and rail services of FIT?
    All domestic transportations are carried out as usual, with the exception of services via St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk (see below for information). International transportations via ports of the Russian Far East and land border crossings with China also continue to operate without any changes.
  • Will the changes affect the FESCO service via port Novorossiysk?
    Some of marine feeder operators cancelled ship calls to port Novorossiysk, which affected the expected time of arrival of goods in Russia via the Black Sea, and also increased the waiting time for loading for transshipment in Turkish port Ambarli. The exact dates of arrival and the time of shipment of goods will be announced by FESCO as soon as possible.
  • Will the changes affect the FESCO service via port St. Petersburg?
    At the moment, FESCO suspends accepting requests for services from Asia to Europe (and in the opposite direction) via port St. Petersburg and is actively working on creating alternative logistics solutions for delivery and dispatch of goods via the Northern capital. You can get more detailed information by contacting your representative in our sales department. Information about operation of transit services of FESCO can be clarified by calling +7 (925) 091-21-09 or at
  • Has the operating mode of Commercial Port Vladivostok changed?
    CPV fulfills all its obligations and continues to operate without any changes: processing of ships and rail cars as well as receipt and dispatch of goods are carried out in accordance with the regular schedule.
  • What is happening with transit services to Europe?
    We continue to monitor the situation on route Asia – Russia – Europe and promptly inform customers about all changes in FESCO services. For up-to-date information on the service you are interested in, check with the transit transportations manager of FESCO by calling: +7 (925) 091-21-09 or at:
  • Will the rates for transportations change?
    FESCO is not planning to change its tariff policy. Our rates may change from time to time due to the level of congestion of our services and the situation at key points of our routes. Detailed information on rates can be found in your personal account MY.FESCO.
  • Are there any difficulties with release of containers in foreign locations?
    No, at the moment there are no difficulties, we continue to steadily accumulate stock in our warehouses and to promptly release container equipment.
  • Where can I check current terms of cargo delivery?
    Please check with your managers for information about transit terms of transportations. You can also check on delivery dates for main import destinations from Asia to Russia in this section of the website.
  • How can I contact FESCO?
    All FESCO communication channels with customers continue to work without restrictions. You can check all the necessary information with your personal manager (contacts are specified in the agreement) or contact us by calling: 8 (800) 23-444-99 and at: We are also ready to answer all your questions on our social media: Telegram and VK.  
  • Are there any changes in the manner of payment for cargo transportations?
    Yes, now invoices for intermodal (export and import) transportations are issued in 2 parts: the invoice for the sea part of the transportation in foreign currency (paid in rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank) and the invoice for the land part of the transportation in rubles. Payments in rubles are carried out as per normal.
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