Customs transit

Customs transit

FESCO provides customs transit services of the cargo through the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) without delay.

About the service

FESCO is authorized to arranges customs transit in all the airports, seaports, railway stations, cargo terminals, warehouses across Russia. We work with three different types of transit transportation:

  • Internal customs transit throughout Russia and the Customs Union (CU)
  • Transit through the Customs Union (CU) to third countries
  • Transit between customs territories of the Customs Union (CU) by sea or through non-EAEU countries

Documents required to apply for the transit procedure:

  • VAT invoice
  • Packing list
  • Transport documents: bill of lading / railway bill / CMR / AWB
  • Quarantine, veterinary, and phytosanitary certificates if the products are subject to mandatory control 
  • Chemical product safety data sheet for hazardous cargo
  • Classification codes of each product as per the EAEU Foreign Economic Activities Commodity Nomenclature
  • Carrier contract
  • Code and name of the customs point of destination

FESCO Advantages

  • Preparation and revision of the documents for customs transit
  • International routes and offices
  • Declaration preparation in accordance with customs laws
  • Full range of broker services
  • Constant customs control areas in Vladivostok and Moscow in possession
  • Temporary storage warehouses in Vladivostok and Moscow
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