Commercial Port of Vladivostok

Commercial Port of Vladivostok

Commercial Port of Vladivostok is a part of FESCO Group. It’s equipped with handlers, mobile cranes, tractors, manipulators, reach stackers, and a variety of cargo loaders. Port terminals are capable of loading and unloading of all types of cargo and 20, 40, 45-foot containers.

12.9 million tonnes

cargo turnover for 2021

About the port

Commercial Port of Vladivostok is the largest universal port on the Russian Far East with annual cargo turnover of more than 12,9 million tonnes. Through the port run main import/export Asian sea lines, and its geographic location allows for year-round navigation and both coastal and overseas shipping.


  • 15 docks stretching for 3,2 km
  • 2 truck checkpoints
  • Open and covered warehouses with the total area of 450,000 m2
  • > 200 units of cranes and other special equipment
  • Terminals of Vladivostok Commercial Sea Ports (VMTP)

    The port's terminal points perform the following operations:

    Universal terminals (docks # 03-13):

    • handling of all cargo types
    • dock #11 is equipped to handle petrochemical products
    • work area of more than 23 000 m2 and indoor warehouses area of more than 47 000 m2
    • the docks stretching for 2,1 km (depth — 10-15 m)

    The terminal handles 480 000 tonnes of oil products and 7.58 M tonnes of general cargo per year.

    Specialized container terminals (docks # 14-16):

    • loading/unloading of all container types
    • use of special equipment for cargo handling
    • storage of all container types (600 outlets for RF, 426 for one-time connection)
    • container unpacking during consolidated cargo transportation
    • container receipt/dispatch
    • work area of 278 000 m2, warehouse capacity of 13 000 TEU
    • docks stretching for 741 m (depth 12–14 m)

    The terminal handles 757 000 TEU per year.

  • Vladivostok railway station in the port area
    • 19 sorting and loading tracks
    • 4 receiving and shipping tracks
    • 20,1 km of intraport tracks
    • 7 shunting locomotives, 1 locomobile, 1 truckmobile
    • one-time handling of up to 71 railcars
    • handling of 4–5 trains in 12 hours
    • receipt/dispatch of general cargo and container trains
    • daily dispatch of up to 10 trains including up to 5 regular route trains.
  • Port equipment

    Commercial Port of Vladivostok is equipped with modern high-quality machinery that allows it to handle cargo of any volume and size.

    Container terminal

    STS handlers 6 units
    (30.5 tonnes and 60 tonnes)
    RMG handlers 4 units
    (45 tonnes)
    RTG handlers 8 units
    (45 tonnes)

    Universal terminal

    Mobile cranes 4 units
    (63 tonnes and 100 tonnes)
    RMG handlers 8 units
    (45 tonnes)

    Auxiliary equipment (units)

    Forklifts 73
    Mini loaders 6
    Terminal pull tractors 38
    Reachstackers 24
    Bucket loaders 10
    Stackers 5
    Manipulators 4

Port Services


Towing, berthing, pilotage, etc.


Stevedore services


Export, import, domestic cargo receipt and warehouse storage


Office, warehouse, work site lease on Commercial Port of Vladivostok property


Advertisement placement


Access to the services such as internet, telephone, IP telephony, SIP telephony, and hosted PBX


Receipt/dispatch of petroleum products


Handling and warehouse storage of all cargo types

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